Master Chemistry and Life sciences



Environmental protection and sustainable development have become societal major issues. It is now also acknowledged that we must take advantage of our expertise in physico-chemistry and microbiology to identify, assess and manage the anthropogenic contamination of air, water, soils and waste. This program trains multidisciplinary managers who will be able to offer and implement solutions to solve environmental problems.

The Chemistry and Life Sciences program aims at training specialists able to analyze, manage and process environmental issues. The program offers common core courses which train students in both Chemistry and Life sciences as related to the environment.

The Chemistry and Life Sciences program trains managers in the field of environment. Job prospects are the following:

  • Research engineer
  • Environmental engineer
  • Research and Innovation engineer

The Chemistry and Life Sciences is a 2-years course. It offers 4 “tracks/paths”.”. All courses of the second year of the “track/path” CMCEI and BME (or MBEM) are taught in English. The “track/path” CMCEI is opened only for the second year.


  • Pau

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