M2 Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation (MMS)




The program offers up-to-date knowledge in areas of applied mathematics related to modeling with partial differential equations.


This program aims to provide solid skills in applied mathematics (partial differential equations analysis, numerical analysis, scientific computing and high performance computing, optimization).

• Courses focus on applications in industrial problems, fluid mechanics, waves propagation, optimal design,...

• This program prepares students for leading positions in private and public organisations in research and development departments.

Knowledge and skills

At the end of this program, the students in "Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation Master's degree" will be able to:


  • Elaborate and analyze mathematical models arising from physics, biology, geology, industry,

  • Elaborate and analyze numerical schemes,

  • Develop, adapt and use industrial or research numerical simulation softwares.

Additional information

  • Region Aquitaine Scholarships for non-EU students

  • E2S Talent's Academy Scholarships for all students

International Welcome Desk



Training content


• PDEs Analysis 6 ECTS
• Numerical Analysis of PDEs 6 ECTS
• High Performance Computing 4 ECTS


• Shape optimization 4 ECTS
• Advanced PDE analysis 4 ECTS
• Waves 4 ECTS
• Porous Media 4 ECTS
• Finite Volume Methods for Hyperbolic Systems 4 ECTS
• Stochastic PDE 4 ECTS
• Industrial Software 4 ECTS
• Fluid Mechanics 4 ECTS
• French or english as a foreign language 2 ECTS


• Internship 5 to 6 months 30 ECTS

Access condition

English Language Requirements

CECRL B2 level in English. Students are allowed to use English or French during exams.

 Admission Requirements

All students who have completed four years in a higher education institutions can apply. Skills in mathematics are required for mathematical and numerical analysis.

Limited number of students: 30

Inscription modalities


Administrative tuition in France is determined at a national level. The French Ministerial Order of April 19, 2019, amended on June 9, 2020, sets university tuition for a Master Program as follows: European nationals: €243, extra-European nationals: €3770.

For academic year 2022-2023, the Board of Directors has extended its policy of automatically providing partial reduction of these fees at the UPPA. As a result, extra-European nationals will be granted automatic partial reductions such that they will be able to pay the same enrollment fees as European nationals.

Extra fees: 

In addition to academic tuition, most students must pay a student body fee (CVEC, which cost €92 in 2020-2021). 

NB: Admitted candidates in any course of study who have taken a break of more than two years from their studies will enroll via the UPPA’s Continuing Education service (Formation Continue / FORCO). They are exempt from the CVEC, however they may be subject to a different tuition scale.

Further studies

This program will enable students to pursue doctoral studies, either in an academic context or in an industrial context (collaboration between the industry and UPPA).

Job opportunities

  • Industrial or academic
  • Scientific computing, mathematical and numerical analysis, modelling
  • Engineer, Phd Student, researcher

Organizational unit

Person in charge

Daniela Capatina

Responsable M1 MMS

Email : daniela.capatina @ univ-pau.fr

Tordeux Sébastien

Responsable du M2 MMS

Email : sebastien.tordeux @ univ-pau.fr

Guessab Allal

Responsable du M2MMS

Email : allal.guessab @ univ-pau.fr

Giacomoni Jacques

Responsable du master Mathématiques et Applications

Email : jacques.giacomoni @ univ-pau.fr

Administrative contact(s)

Secrétariat de Mathématiques

Phone :

Email : secretariat-mathematiques @ univ-pau.fr


  • Pau

More info

Type of education

  • Foreign students
  • Ongoing training

Internship Mandatory (5 months)

From October 29, 2021 to April 30, 2022

Teaching start
September 1, 2022