High Performance Computing

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High Performance Computing


Discover how and why numerical methods performances are varying with respect to their implementations. We focus on large scale computing architecture and parallelism.


Number of hours

  • Travaux Dirigés : 12h
  • Cours Magistral : 27h

Form of assessment

First session

Second session

Continuous assessment: 30%

Final examination: 70%

Final examination length: 3 hours

Remedial Examination: 100 %

Remedial Examination length: 3 hours



1- Usual programming languages

2- Usual numerical methods for EDP models

3- Sequential High Performance Computing : algorithm complexity, diagnosis, conservation

4- Different memory architectures

5- Domain decomposition methods

6- Parallel computing 1 : MPI standard, message passing parallelism

7- Parallel computing 2 : OpenMP standard, shared memory parallelism

8- Hybrid computing : CPU and GPU, arrays mapping

9- An example : analogic neural network

In brief

ECTS credits 4.0

Number of hours 39.0

Level of study Master degree level


Organizational unit

Administrative contact(s)

Secrétariat de Mathématiques

Email : secretariat-mathematiques @ univ-pau.fr


  • Pau