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Industrial Softwares


Numerical simulation (NS) for engineering is mainly used in industrial services companies. To be a good user in NS requires mastery of the three following skills :

1- Physical modeling 2- Mathematical modeling and 3- Computing.

This course aims to learn NS in the state of the art starting form the physical phenomena to study until the numerical simulation with the dedicated software. Classic benchmarks as research ones about low Mach numbers will be studied.

In order to avoid waisting time computing, the use of ANSYS-FLUENT and elsA-ONERA softwares will be taught according to their respective specificity. These two softwares exist for more than thirty years and are still being developed. Use of such codes has many industrial applications in the industry of transport, aeronautics or in construction.

Number of hours

  • Travaux Dirigés : 12h
  • Cours Magistral : 27h

Form of assessment

The applicant will have to give a report of this course and will have to present it in front of a jury like a professional form industry.    

First session

Second session

Continuous assessment: 100%

 No remedial session


The understanding of natural phenomena within the field of physics requires the knowledge of the tryptic, which is represented by the Numerical Simulation (NS), the experimentation and the theory. The development of computer technology and its astonishingly rapid improvements make NS ever more present in our day-to-day life both as private and industry. In the workplace NS is used as a predicted tool, which assist in the design and the conception in various sectors of industrial activity such as aeronautics, space, rail, automobile, construction, medical…

The proposed course is about fluid mechanics of Newton, probably one of the most widespread problems in mechanics. It is subdivided in thee parts : Part 1 : Physical and mathematical modeling for the numerical simulation in fluid mechanics - Part 2 : Learning ANSYS-FLUENT Software whatever the fluid is compressible or incompressible - Part 3 Learning elsA-ONERA software for compressible flows.

In brief

ECTS credits 4.0

Number of hours 39.0

Level of study Master degree level


Organizational unit

Person in charge(s)

Eric SCHALL - Maitre de conférence en mécanique des fluides

Phone : 05 59 40 71 66

Email : eric.schall @

Administrative contact(s)

Secrétariat de Mathématiques

Email : secretariat-mathematiques @


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