M2 Stochastic tools and Computational Methods for Decision (MSID)

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M2 Stochastic tools and Computational Methods for Decision (MSID)



This program offers advanced level courses in statistical analysis, decision computer science, computer modeling and associated computer tools.

Applications are open from December 2018 to April 2019 from https://aap-e2s.univ-pau.fr/siaap/pub/appel/view/5


This programme aims to provide strong skills in stochastic modeling and statistical methods for data analysis, jointly with the associated computer tools.

  • Courses are focusing on applications in the industry, especially in the areas of quality control and safety analysis, but also on applications in datamining and machine learning.

  • Courses are taught by academics but also by engineers

According to the excellency of students and their desire to go on doctoral studies, courses about « advanced statistics » and « advanced applied probability » can be offered.

Knowledge and skills

At the end of this program, the students in "MSID" will be able to:

  • Conduct an appropriate statistical analysis

  • Apply any classical statistical methods

  • Construct and analyse an experimentaldesign

  • Propose and analyze a stochastic model

  • Implement stochastic simulation methods

  • Manage databases

Additional information

International Welcome Desk


Access condition

Applications are open from November 2018 to June 2019 from http://aap.e2s-uppa.eu


CECRL B2 level in English, or CECRL B1 level in English and CECRL B2 level in French. All teaching materials will be provided both in English and French. Students are allowed to use English or French during exams.


All students who have completed four years in a higher education institution can apply.

Limited number of students: 30 per year


Tuition fees

Tuition fees:  Usual cost of a Master degree in France.

Non-European students

 If you were already registered in a public institution for the academic year 2018/19, and you want to continue with the same university course, tuition fees don’t change. The French State continues to cover most of your cost of training.

 If you arrive in France for the academic year 2019 with a VLS-TS visa for studies or if you were already registered in a public institution in 2018/2019, and you are changing course (starting a Master’s course after a Licence course, or starting a Doctorate/PhD after a Master’s course), the French State will cover 2/3 of your cost of training. Tuition fees will be:

  • 3,770 euros for a full year in Master’s course

  • Region Aquitaine Scholarships for non-EU students

  • E2S Talent's Academy Scholarships for all students

  • Master's scholarships

And after

Further studies

Doctoral studies, either in an academic context or in an industrial context 

Job opportunities

  • Industry, services, academic
  • Dependability and reliabilty analysis (RAMS), data processing, biomedecine
  • RAMS engineer, statistical analysist, datascientist, data processing engineer, biostatistician, phd students


Organizational unit

Administrative contact(s)

Secrétariat de Mathématiques - Brigitte GAUBERT

Email : brigitte.gaubert @ univ-pau.fr


  • Pau

More info

ECTS credits 60

Type of education

  • Ongoing training
  • Initial training

Number of students 30

Internship Mandatory

From December 17, 2018 to April 26, 2019

Teaching start
September 2, 2019


Brochure (478 Ko)