Ecologie microbienne appliquée

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Formation continue et reprise d'études

Formation continue et reprise d'études

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Ecologie microbienne appliquée


Course description: Students will gain knowledge on microbial ecology and the microbial potential and risks in the industrial and environmental fields. Two other objectives are: understand the importance of microorganisms in the ecosystems functioning (and therefore in the mineralization of organic matter and xenobiotics), and acquire knowledge on bioremediation processes. Topics addressed are:

- using microorganisms in degradation/transformation of xenobiotics and pollutants (eg hydrocarbons, pesticides);

- theoretical (metabolism) and applied (processes) aspects of pollutant degradation, biological remediation, wastewater treatment processes and contaminated soils treatment;

- gut microbiome, structure and main functions in the functioning of the digestive tract. Application: probiotics.

Field trip to visit wastewater treatment plants is planned.


Learning outcomes: Analyze scientific papers, describe microbial capabilities and risks in industrial and environmental domains, associate the microbial metabolisms to the ecosystem functioning, manage bioremediation processes.

Conditions d'admission

concepts discussed in Microbiologie 2 (L2), Ecologie microbienne (L3) and Microbiologie :cycles biogéochimiques (S1)

Volume horaire

  • Cours Magistral : 16.5h
  • Travaux Dirigés : 19.5h


50% written and 50% oral evaluation

En bref

Crédits ECTS 4.0

Nombre d'heures 36.0

Niveau d'étude BAC +4

Période de l'année




CRAVO-LAUREAU Cristiana (L2)

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Email : cristiana.cravo-laureau @


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