Advanced analytical chemistry : Advanced spectrometric technics-coupling (EC3)

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Formation continue et reprise d'études

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Advanced analytical chemistry : Advanced spectrometric technics-coupling (EC3)


- Part 1

This part presents applied atomic spectrometric techniques (AAS, AFS ICPAES, ICPMS) including sample introduction approaches  (nebulization, laser ablation, GC). This course is oriented toward practical applications.

-Part 2

This course presents the different couplings between liquid chromatography and spectrometric detectors such as ICP-MS or AFS for the speciation analysis of different trace elements (e.g. As, Se, Cr, Sb, Hg). The mechanisms of separation of the chemical forms are described and the problems associated to hyphenation with the different detectors are discussed. Examples of application for chemical species determination in environmental samples (water, sediment/soil), biological tissues and industrial samples are also presented.


  • Acquire good knowledge of advance techniques for trace metal analysis especially by ICPMS techniques (quad, HR, MC)
  • Acquire good knowledge in sample introduction techniques via nebulization and laser ablation (nano and femtosecond)
  • Acquire a good knowledge of advanced techniques for speciation analysis
  • Get skills in hyphenated techniques between HPLC and spectrometric detectors
  • Understand issues for speciation analysis in the environmental and industrial fields

Conditions d'admission

Spectrométries élémentaires M1 SAVE

Volume horaire

  • Travaux Pratique : 4h
  • Cours Magistral : 9h
  • Travaux Dirigés : 10.5h


Examen terminal 100%

En bref

Crédits ECTS 2.0

Nombre d'heures 23.5

Niveau d'étude BAC +5

Type d'enseignement

  • Formation initiale




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