M2 Parcours Mechanics and Physics in Porous Media (MPPM)



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Applications will be closed on April 24th, 2020

Understanding the mechanics, the physics and their couplings appearing in fluid-filled porous media is a keystone for solving forthcoming challenges in Energy and Environment. Indeed, porous media are ubiquitous in many natural and industrial systems of interest in various fields of engineering such as: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, or Food Industry, to mention only a few.

The MPPM course focuses on the Mechanics and Physics in Porous Media. It encompasses their experimental characterisation by indirect porosimetry and direct imaging, poromechanical behaviour modelling, transport properties estimation, fluid-solid couplings and the properties of confined fluids in porous media.

This international master’s degree offers multidisciplinary key courses to achieve an advanced specialist level in all areas involving porous media such as geomechanics or physics of porous materials. It is suited for students planning both an academic or an industrial career and provides the theoretical basis and the practical expertise required to pursue in research, in R&D structures or in companies.


  • Prepare students at an advanced specialized level to meet present and future challenges in (geo)mechanics or physics of porous media,
  • Develop engineering research skills to engage in quality and successful research,
  • Prepare students for leading positions in industry and government Research and Development departments.

Savoir-faire et compétences

At the end of this program, the students in the Master of Mechanics and Physics in Porous Media will be able to:

  • Justify a solid expertise in mechanics or physics of porous materials,
  • Design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data,•
  • Review, analyze, and interpret the body of scientific literature, contemporary issues and innovations in physics and mechanics area,
  • Plan and define a research or R&D project to understand a physical phenomenon pertaining to mechanics or physics of porous media.

Informations supplémentaires

  • Region Aquitaine Scholarships for non-EU students
  • E2S Talent's Academy Scholarships for all students

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Contenu de la formation

Mechanics and Physics in Porous media (MPPM)

Semester 1 (30 ECTS) - From September to December

Statistical thermodynamics, adsorption & interfaces

  • Statistical Thermodynamics and Thermodynamics of adsorption
  • Practical approaches of adsorption properties

Characterization of porous media by direct and indirect techniques

  • Gas and mercury porosimetry
  • X-ray spectroscopy and microscopy
  • X-ray and neutron imaging techniques

Advanced mechanics and computational modelling

  • Non linear behaviour of materials : Plasticity, damage
  • Numerical methods for non-linear problems

Poromechanics, fracture and transport

  • Effective stress, poromechanics and fracture mechanics

  • Permeabilities. Reactive transport

  • Fracture mechanics



  • French or Spanish as a Foreign Language



Semester 2 (30 ECTS) From January to June

Research internship

Examples of internships offerred in 2018-2019 :

  • Use of sea-shells for environmental-friendly concretes and high-performance cement-based grouts,
  • Hydrogen storage in innovative hybrid materials,
  • Size effect on strength and fracture energy,
  • Cristallisation-induced damage in heterogeneous rocks - Application to haloclasty. Anglet coast ISA-BTP - Anglet

 30 ECTS

Condition d'accès

Academic requirements

Applicants must hold an M1 (1st year of a master degree) or a 4-year Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science or equivalent.

English Language Requirements

Applicants must be fluent in English, both in writing and speaking. An applicant whose native language is not English has to take a recognized international English test.

Minimum required score: CECRL B2 level in English

Droits d'inscription et tarification

640 euros for Non-EU students.

See details here : Campus France

Poursuite d'études

Prospects for employment or further study

Sectors: Civil engineering, coastal engineering, geomechanics, physics of porous media

Fields: Research and R&D structures

Positions: PhD student and R&D Engineer



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Stage Obligatoire

Du 18 octobre 2019 au 24 avril 2020

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18 octobre 2019

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