• Niveau d'étude visé

    BAC +5

  • ECTS

    120 crédits

  • Durée

    2 ans

  • Composante

    ISABTP - Institut supérieur aquitain du BTP, Collège Sciences et Technologies pour l’Energie et l’Environnement (STEE)


The aim of this master is to train scientific experts in Mechanics and Physics high potential fields such as civil engineering structures, coastal engineering, geomechanics or physics of porous media. The master develops around two shared courses: Structures of civil and coastal engineering and Mechanics and Physics in Porous Media. Those two academic courses cover a wide spectrum of interests ranging in scale from a pore to a structure.

This international master’s degree in Physics and Simulation in Civil Engineering offers multidisciplinary key courses to achieve an advanced specialist level in the aforementioned fields. It is suited for students planning both an academic or an industrial career and provides the theoretical basis and the practical expertise required to pursue in research or R&D structures or companies.

The master is fully taught in English and is hosted at ISA BTP Engineering School in Anglet (France). ISA BTP is highly recognised by the scientific and the professional communities and certified by ISO-9001 and EUR ACE.

The program is carried out in close collaboration with SIAME and LFCR research laboratories where numerical and experimental practicals will be performed. Students will also benefit from the global research environment and administrative support of the University Pau & Pays Adour, the E2S I-site program and the research federation IPRA.






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Parcours Graduate program GREEN- Mechanics and Physics in Porous Media (MPPM)

Ce parcours n'ouvrira pas en septembre 2023



En 2022-2023, l'UPPA ouvre un programme d'excellence intégré Master/PhD de 5 ans lié aux domaines de recherche de l'énergie et de l'environnement avec une formation intensive à la recherche dans de multiples domaines.

La graduate school GREEN (GRaduate school for Energetic and Environmental iNnovation) a pour objectif de former les responsables de la recherche de demain, afin qu'ils soient éclairés sur les enjeux de l'énergie et de l'environnement, capables d'en comprendre la complexité et de proposer des solutions innovantes pour faire face aux défis des transitions.


All about the GREEN Graduate program Mechanics and Physics in Porous Media (MPPM)

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Conditions d'accès

Access Condition


Academic requirements

Applicants must hold a Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science or Equivalent.

Applicants must be fluent in English, both in writing and speaking. An applicant whose native language is not English has to take a recognized international English test.

English Language Requirements

Minimum required score: CECRL B2 level in English

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Droits d'inscription et tarification

Capacité d'accueil

10 per course

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Par ISABTP - Institut supérieur aquitain du BTP


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