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Parcours Graduate program GREEN- Computations in coastal engineering

  • ECTS

    60 crédits

  • Durée

    1 an

  • Composante

    Collège Sciences et Technologies pour l’Energie et l’Environnement (STEE)

  • Langue(s) d'enseignement



The CCE path focuses on the modeling, simulation and measurements of waves and their impact on the coast in the context of coastal risks. Topics extensively studied include, wave mechanics,wave modeling, waves interactions with structures.

A specific focus is put on numerical methods and open source computational tools commonly used in this field including :

Telemac 2D, Artemis, OPENFOAM, BOSZ (Boussinesq wave model), Cast3M (finite element structure model).

This track belongs to the international master’s degree in Physics and Simulation in Civil Engineering which offers multidisciplinary key courses to achieve an advanced specialist level in the aforementioned fields.

It is suited for students planning both an academic or an industrial career and provides the theoretical basis and the practical expertise required to pursue in research or R&D structures or companies in the field of coastal engineering and coastal risks.

The master is fully taught in English and is hosted at ISA BTP Engineering School in the French Basque coast area (Anglet, France).

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  • Prepare students at an advanced specialized level to meet present and future challenges in coastal engineering and coastal risks,
  • Develop engineering research skills to engage in quality and successful research,
  • Prepare students for leading positions in industry and government Research and Development departments.
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Savoir faire et compétences

At the end of this program, the students in the "Computations in Coastal Engineering Master" will be able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery of a solid body of knowledge and skills in engineering science to solve relevant problems,
  • Design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data,
  • Review, analyze, and interpret the body of scientific literature, contemporary issues and innovations in physics and civil engineering area,
  • Produce quality research,
  • Carry out a research project to understand a physical phenomenon pertaining to civil engineering, coastal engineering, geomechanics or physics of porous media.
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Capacité d'accueil

12 étudiants en M2

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