Licence de droit

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Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour (UPPA)

Licence de droit


Lieu de la formation : UFR Pluridisciplinaire de Bayonne

Responsable : Sophie Alma-Delettre -

PLQD261Q - L 1, S 2 : "Introduction to english Law" (21 heures)
This course is primarily designed to introduce students to the general British Common Law system (historical construction and legal consequences of this system), to distinguish it from the Civil Law system they are studying in France. This course is also made to discover the British judiciary system, the legal professions in UK and lastly the Alternative measures of conflict resolution.

PLQD363Q - L2, S1 : "Business Law in UK" (21 heures)
This course is an approach of the english Business Law. It is divided in 3 parts : "creating a Business under UK Law"," running a Business in accordance with UK Law" (contract Law, competition Law, consummers'Rights, Intellectual property...) and finally the "end of the Business in UK in a legal perspective" (closing, insolvency, widing-up...).