2020-2021 programme

« Bienvenue en France » Label

2022, UPPA was awarded the “Welcome to France” label

For institutions, the "Bienvenue en France" label is a fundamental part of quality management. It serves to measure, describe, and promote the facilities and initiatives that accommodate and benefit international students.

2020-2021 programme

  1. In order to develop European Alliances in Transportation and Logistics education and research, Pau University – UPPA-IAE Graduate School of Management and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences will organize a European Summer University on Logistics and Mobility in May 2021 in Bayonne and in June 2021 in Frankfurt. This project aims to share best practices of innovative local companies (Nouvelle Aquitaine, France/ Frankfurt Area Germany) on three main topics: Digitalization in Transport and Logistics, Smart Transportation and policies for Carbon Reduction Emissions. Lectures will be covered by researchers’ expert in these three topics.

  2. The UPPA proposes, in partnership with the association "Les Amis des Langues Anciennes", the forty-first edition of a summer school dedicated to the learning of many ancient languages.

    This school gives access to one of the oldest linguistic and cultural heritages of humanity.

    Language of instruction: French

  3. Energy is a vital need in our societies. Over the centuries, the transition from human or animal labour to coal and hydrocarbons has enabled the industrial revolutions of the 19th and 20th centuries. But these fossil fuels have a high environmental cost and new alternatives have emerged. These different energy sources all have advantages and disadvantages... which must be weighed and compared according to the specificities of each territory.

    This summer school aims to draw up an overview of the issues facing the various stakeholders: engineers and scientists, financiers, public authorities, citizens, energy companies, whether multinationals or local companies... The context is not simple, as the constraints are numerous and sometimes contradictory, but it is exciting and full of opportunities as a new world of energy takes shape!

    Language of instruction: French

  4. The goal of this summer school is to invite the best scientific experts in Green IT of the moment to share the state of knowledge and practice with those who will build the sustainable digital world of tomorrow.

    The school invites various speakers (lecturers, professors, researchers and professionals), recognized in the field of sustainable computing, Green IT, energy (hardware and software) and data centers and the cloud. These experts come from French and European institutes, associations and companies.

    Language: French and English