2023-2024 programme

« Bienvenue en France » Label

2022, UPPA was awarded the “Welcome to France” label

For institutions, the "Bienvenue en France" label is a fundamental part of quality management. It serves to measure, describe, and promote the facilities and initiatives that accommodate and benefit international students.

2023-2024 programme

Further Summer/Winter Schools will be scheduled throughout the 2023-2024 academic year.

  1. During the first BIP on Plurilingual Romance Language Authors, and the scientific meetings of the research network that followed it, two aspects of this literary plurilingual writing emerged: free aesthetic choice on the one hand, and the many political constraints on the other. It is around these two poles that this BIP will be articulated to allow - on a scientific level - to dig deeper into this field of investigation.

  2. This thematic school offers specific training in scientific popularization for doctoral students, focusing on preparation for the "My 3 minute PhD" competition. The competition asks participants to present their research project in English in three minutes, using a single image as support, in front of a panel of judges. Objectives include strengthening communication skills, understanding the rules of scientific popularization, and developing the ability to present research work in a way that is accessible to a wide audience. The training focuses on oral expression in tense situations, addressing speech structuring, voice, body language and behavior control, as well as managing contact with the jury and the audience. The second objective is to train PhD students in the creation of scientific mediation schemes in partnership with the CCSTI Lacq Odyssée, including workshops and exhibitions for different audiences, including the general public and schoolchildren, with the support of specialized trainers.

  3. This BIP aims to use the intercultural communication skills developed to build collaborative projects in an intercultural context. To facilitate exchanges, students will be trained in inter-comprehension and will take part in workshops given by academics and representatives of the Préjugix Association, which prepares students in a playful and collaborative way for the prevention of prejudice. Other collaborative and cultural activities are also planned, such as a visit to Pau and street art.

  4. This is a 60-hour intensive French course for a foreign audience in total immersion. The courses are designed for learners of all levels; they are given in the University's premises, located on the campus, near the historic heart of the city of Pau. The teachers are state-qualified and work at UPPA. They are professionals in the field of French as a Foreign Language and their teaching is based on an action-oriented perspective.

  5. Led by our world-class professors, our Go Green Summer School will offer an overview of 3 major social issues :

    1. Digital responsibility: Green IT
    2. Renewable energies
    3. Circular economy
  6. The UPPA University and the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences both offer a similar Master's degree in International Logistics. Through this joint project, distinctive national and local characteristics will be highlighted. During the week in Germany, the French students will be confronted with different operating methods and will make field visits. Similarly, during the week in France, the German students will get to know a different way of working, and will make road-oriented or sea-oriented field visits.

  7. Forty hours of intensive courses (5h/day) will enable beginners to get off to a good start and participants with an intermediate or advanced level to maintain and develop knowledge that is sometimes insufficiently mobilised.

    This summer 2024, specialists – academics and members of CNRS – will give courses in Literary Arabic, Classic Armenian, Ancient Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Latin, Medieval Latin, Sanskrit and Syriac.