« Bienvenue en France » Label

2022, UPPA was awarded the “Welcome to France” label

For institutions, the "Bienvenue en France" label is a fundamental part of quality management. It serves to measure, describe, and promote the facilities and initiatives that accommodate and benefit international students.

UNITA Summer school: BIP4BIPSBayonne Campus - Registration before April 30th, 2023

Général information :

  • Dates :
    • May 8th 2023 : 1st virtual part
    • June 5th to June 9th : physical mobility
    • 14th 2023 : 2nd virtual part
  • Location : Campus de la Nive, Bayonne, France
  • Target audience : Professors, Researchers, Post-Doc
  • Certificate/Diploma issued : 3 ECTS
  • Language of instruction : English
  • Partner labs : LIUPPA
  • Organizing board : Ernesto Exposito (UPPA), Mamadou GUEYE (UPPA), Philippe Arnould (UPPA) Bruno Silva (UBI), Javier Fabra (UNIZAR), Gabriel Bizoi (UVT), Sorana Cimpan (USMB), Matteo Sacchet (UNITO), Francesco Floris (UNITO), Marina Marchisio (UNITO)