[UNITA] Aesthetic choices and political issues - plurilingual literary writing in Romance languages

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[UNITA] Winter School "Aesthetic choices and political issues - plurilingual literary writing in Romance languages"Pau University Campus - Registration closed

General Information

  • Dates for physical mobility : March 5th to 9th 2024
  • Period for virtual component : February 1st to 21st 2024
  • Location : Pau University Campus
  • Target audience : Master students in Literature/Philology
  • Certificate/Diploma issued : 3 ECTS
  • Language of instruction : French
  • Partner labs : ALTER
  • Organizing board : Caroline Fischer, Franca Bruera (UNITO), Ileana Neli Eiben (UVT), Kirsten von Hagen (JUL Giessen)

In today's world, political tensions and conflicts are leading to ever-increasing migration. These migrations impact every stratum of society, and many writers find themselves far from their native land and mother tongue. Many of them become plurilingual authors, choosing the idiom of the host country as their means of expression, but literary plurilingualism can also result from a purely aesthetic choice.

During the first BIP on Plurilingual Romance Language Authors, and the scientific meetings of the research network that followed it, two aspects of this literary plurilingual writing emerged: free aesthetic choice on the one hand, and the many political constraints on the other. It is around these two poles that this BIP will be articulated to allow - on a scientific level - to dig deeper into this field of investigation.

In the context of European citizenship and UNITA, multilingualism is undoubtedly a formative and valuable experience. This BIP will enable master's and doctoral students from at least six nations to meet and exchange views on issues of pluri- and multilingualism, enabling them to engage in intensive intercultural exchanges and analyze fundamental aspects. As this BIP is co-organized by several partners of the UNITA alliance, the focus on Romance languages is an obvious choice.

From a pedagogical point of view, the participative dimension will be widely developed in the different modules, and participants will have the opportunity to meet three multilingual writers from three different origins.