Formation continue et reprise d'études

Consultez la liste des formations proposées dans le cadre de la formation continue : formations diplômantes, certifications, préparations, formations courtes et formations sur mesure

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Un choix de Masters 100% en anglais

Masters internationaux

    • International Master Programs

      M2 Chemical and microbiological characterization for environmental issues (CMCEI)
      M2 Molecular Biology and Environmental Microbiology
      M2 Materials Science and Engineering: Chemistry and Physico-Chemistry of Materials
      M2 Industry 4.0
      M2 Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation (MMS)
      M2 Stochastic tools and Computational Methods for Decision (MSID)
      M2 Mechanics and Physics in Porous Media (MPPM)
      M2 Computations in Coastal and Civil Engineering (CCCE)
      Master SIMulation and Optimization of energy Systems
      M2 Parcours General Management (english program)
      M2 Geosciences Reinforcement
      M2 Evolutionary ecology in aquatic environments
      Master Erasmus Mundus «Environmental Contamination and Toxicology»