EC 24.2 Political sciences 2

EC 24.2 Political sciences 2

  • Composante

    Collège Etudes Européennes et Internationales (EEI)


Plan (simplifié) du cours :

  • Introduction - Defining political science
    • I) Preliminary definition
    • II) Object definition
    • III) Methodological issues
    • IV) Seminar’s objectives
  • Chapter 1 - The Foundings : Political power and the state
    • I) Forming society: Keeping social conflicts to an acceptable level
    • II) Which state?
  • Chapter 2 - Political competition
    • I) Elections
    • II) The political market
  • Chapter 3 - Political actors
    • I) Political parties
    • II) Interest groups
    • III) Media


The seminar will provide students with an understanding of the basic concepts and methods of political science, to explain how political power has been analysed and limited. Besides studying the debates surrounding the political science’s definition and methods of analysis, the seminar will highlight the main actors and processes that bring political phenomena to life.

The first semester will focus on actors (such as voters, political parties, or trade unions) and processes, to build a theorical frame, that will be used during the second semester, to analyse different political systems, especially France and the United States. The seminar will therefore combine a theoretical approach, by studying political theory; and a practical approach, by examining comparative politics.

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À la fin de cette UE, vous serez capable de :

  • vous familiariser avec les notions de base de la science politique et ses méthodes principales
  • mieux comprendre comment la lutte pour le pouvoir politique a été théorisée et se concrétise
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Heures d'enseignement

  • Political sciences 2Cours Magistral20h

Contrôle des connaissances

Modalités d’évaluation : 

1ère session ou session unique

 contrôle continu

100 %



En présentiel



2ème session

Epreuve terminale

Ecrit ou Oral

100 %Si écrit, durée : 1 h

 En présentiel

Type d'évaluations


Le contrôle continu sera basé sur deux travaux écrits : un devoir préparé à la maison et un devoir sur table (durée : 2H)

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Informations complémentaires

Poursuites possibles :

The seminar will be useful for the entire academic path, and for students who would like to work in public administrations.

The introduction to political science seminar is helpful to understand fundamental concepts and reasonings, that will be useful from a multidisciplinary perspective. In law schools, for example, the relationship between public law and political science is rich: these fields are complementary for every student interested in public policies.

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