Statistical tools project

Statistical tools project

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    4 crédits

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    Collège Sciences et Technologies pour l’Energie et l’Environnement (STEE)

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This course will allow students to acquire good knowledge of fundamental and advance statistical tools in biology and microbial ecology and to learn how to implement statistical analysis with the software R. The course will be organized as follows: 

  • Generalized linear models 
  • Experimental designs with ANOVAs. 
  • Multivariate analysis (PCA, FA, PCoA, Hierarchical clustering) 
  • Multivariate regressions (PerMANOVA, CCA, RDA) 
  • Introduction to the analysis of microbial diversity. 

Students will also be required to complete a project for which they will analyze a dataset from the scientific literature and give a 20 minutes oral presentation on how they managed to analyze the data using the techniques they will have seen during the semester. 

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At the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Master fundamental and advance statistical tools in biology and microbial ecology 
  • To select and implement adequate analyses or set of analyses to test key hypotheses in microbial ecology.  
  • To implement the analysis using the programming software R. 
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Heures d'enseignement

  • Nouvelles heures d'enseignementCours Magistral18h
  • Nouvelles heures d'enseignementTravaux Dirigés18h

Contrôle des connaissances

Session 1 : 50% written + 50% oral

Session 2 : 100% written



Type of assessments 

Theoretical and practical assessments of the students’ knowledge and project.  

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Compétences visées

Blocks and Competences targeted 


Name of the course 

Block - Specialized Communication for Knowledge Transfer 

Identify, select and critically analyze a variety of specialized resources to document a topic and synthesize this data for their use. 

Level U 

Communicate for training or knowledge transfer purposes, orally and in writing, in both French and English. 

Level U 

Block - Support for transformation in a professional context  

Conduct a project (design, steering, team coordination, implementation and management, evaluation, dissemination) that may involve multidisciplinary skills (biology, chemistry) in a collaborative framework. 

Level I 

Block - Development and integration of highly specialized knowledge 

Develop a critical assessment of the knowledge in the field of environmental chemistry and/or microbiology? 

Level U 

Conduct an analysis taking into account the stakes, the problems and the complexity of a request or a situation in order to propose adapted and/or innovative solutions in respect to evolutions of the regulations. 

Level I 

Block Microorganisms in the environment from natural to highly anthropized ecosystems: identification/functions/resources 

Develop and implement sampling protocols and know how to evaluate and propose which parameters will be necessary to answer/understand a problem related to the microorganisms in the environment. 

Level I 

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