Ireland and Britain 1912-2022 (J. Etchart)

Ireland and Britain 1912-2022 (J. Etchart)

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This course covers the history of Ireland since the creation of the Irish Free State and the Stormont Parliament in Belfast in 1921 until the contemporary period.

Irish history will be introduced in the context of British Imperial History with a particular attention to the notion of the ‘Four Nations History’. The students will also examine the different trends in Irish historiography as concerns the revolutionary period (1912-1921).

There will be an introduction to the main historical developments in Ireland: the revolutionary period, Ireland from 1922 to the 1960s, the Celtic tiger and the contemporary changes. The history of Northern Ireland will then be studied: the early years of the Troubles, the Thatcher years and the Peace Process.

We will focus on academics who have developed an empirical approach seeking to ‘hear the voices’ of the people involved in the different events. This will lead us to include into our analysis historical elements associated with Oral History.

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Students will gain extensive knowledge as historians specialised in the History of Ireland, which partly concerns British Imperial history, in its first phase at least, but which gives insight into the history of a nascent state in European.

The students will gain specialist training in the study of historical documents, and they will also seek to hear the voices of the people involved in the events by looking at archives of oral testimonies.

They will develop critical thinking and will learn to articulate historical and personal analyses of past events.

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  • Ireland and Britain 1912-2022 (J. Etchart)Cours Magistral18h

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